Alt Studio

The Vintage and Alternative Experience


We are Alt Studio, 

the alternative photography studio in Manchester's Northern Quarter. 


We're not about fake smiles and cheese. We're about  giving fabulous vintage makeovers, capturing tattoos and celebrating uniqueness.

Simon is always your photographer and trust us, he knows what he's doing, with 11 years of portrait photography experience, no matter how nervous you feel, you will feel at ease in his studio. His style of photography has won awards, but most importantly, has created thousands of perfect portraits for many a happy client, just read the reviews, they aren't half bad!


We offer so many styles of shoots it's just down to you and how you want your photos to look. These are some of the popular styles we do


PINUP - if you have ever wanted to be a cheeky fun loving 1950s pinup girl then look no further, we have a beautiful range of Pinup dresses at the studio but you are more then welcome to bring any outfits you have as well.


ROCKABILLY - The Americana influenced look brings a more edgier look to the images, we have plenty of authentic props to help bring this style to life, all you need is denim shorts and a check shirt and you are away!


SIN CITY - A film noir look inspired by the film, moody, red lips and you can style this out with red/black outfits or even a boudoir look.


BOUDOIR - Lets celerbrate your beautiful body in a boudoir shoot. We understand that this is a bit of nerve wracking choice but our team are total Pros and will help you exude the confidence and sexinees every lady has!


FILM NOIR - Let your inner femme fatale loose and get lost in the shadows of the studio, an empowering look with added edge.

VINTAGE PLAYBUNNY - If you fancy something sexy and vintage then look no further, a retro play bunny serves up the champagne and martinis while looking oh so cute.


Stumped as to which to choose? well fear not, at our shoots we can do up to 3 make up and hair looks, so you can choose 3 of these styles if you wanted to really mix things up in your shoot.




Hmmmmm, without tooting our trumpit too loud, we offer something different that no where else does, well, you can tell by the photos. Just read the reviews, that will tell you everything you need to know about our team. 

If you still need convincing give us a call and we can chat about it all.